“It has been a great fundraiser; the measure of success was evident in the 2nd year when we doubled our sales & profits. It ran smooth and the order increased mainly due to the quality of product. Everyone kept asking when are we running the BIG BRUCE BURGER Sale?"

Bruce Read, Ilderton Minor Hockey


Solid Profit

Past fundraisers have received up to $7000 in profit from one fundraising event. Our Beef is sold all over Ontario and is well known for its great taste. Local beef makes selling easy. Small or large groups welcome.


Trusted and Reputable Company

We have been providing a premium, quality product since 2003. We have received numerous awards in years and food safety is a top priority for our company. We are a HACCP certified plant. All beef is AA – AAA. West Grey Premium Beef is inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Easy to Manage

We have developed an easy to follow fundraising program and will walk you through the steps. We deliver to your specified location in a refrigerated truck.


Excellent Service & Support

We offer full customer service from the start of your fundraiser until the very end.  We value your time with quick answers, correct shipments and friendly, helpful service.


How it works


  1. Decide start date and end date of your fundraiser (It’s suggested to have 3 weeks for the group to fundraise). Also set a delivery date, when and where you would like the product dropped off. Forms will be e-mailed or can be mailed. They include order forms, consolidation form, profit form and invoice form. Then the fundraising begins!!!

  2. Once fundraising has successfully ended, bring together all the sales sheets by using the consolidation form, then transfer to the profit form which shows you the profits and then fill out the “Invoice form” and fax or email to West Grey Premium Beef to prepare order. Leave 2 weeks for order to be prepared.

  3. Order will be dropped off to the specified location on a refrigerated truck on the confirmed delivery date.

  4. At anytime during your Fundraiser Julie will be in contact with you and there to answer any questions that you may have.


  1. Receive free delivery, if your order is over $2500 and within a 70 km radius of our plant.

  2. Any order under $2500 and/or over 70 km. radius of West Grey Premium Beef, delivery will then be charged as per Erb Transport rates (trucking company).

  3. All product other than Pepperonis (fresh and refrigerated) is delivered frozen on a refrigerated truck.


West Grey Premium Beef is a Provincially and Federally inspected plant. We produce a safe, quality product. All product is cut and vacuumed packaged fresh and then froze, excluding the Pepperoni sticks which are fresh and vacuumed.